Saving views on the YouTube channel: what is it and why is it necessary

If you decide to seriously make a YouTube channel, then you need to study what is retention of views. This will allow you to more effectively and efficiently conduct the channel, regardless of the particulars of the chosen topic. Consider saving views in more detail.

What is saving views?

Saving views on YouTube is the time that users watch videos on video hosting sites, including YouTube. This is a percentage that determines the average time a user spends on watching a particular video.

The higher the retention of views, the more YouTube finds the video more interesting. Search engines prioritize various videos with the greatest delay compared to their potential competitors.

Why is it necessary and how does it work

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How do search engines identify competing videos? In fact, the principle is simple — video hosting itself analyzes the description and keywords in the settings for the video. Then he searches for a video with similar text descriptions, keywords — the output is a general list of competitors. This is a basic principle that should be considered when promoting your channel on YouTube.

What aspects are considered during hierarchy formation?

Keyword relevance metric for the description and title of the video.

  • compiled a list of videos, which is characterized by a maximum shelf life and the number of views.
  • creates a list of videos with the maximum number of views.
  • the list of videos is formed with the maximum number of comments, likes by published comments.
  • compiled a list of videos with the maximum number of likes and dislikes.
  • a list of videos is formed with the maximum number of reposts on the social network and adding users to favorites.

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